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Union Parish, Louisiana Deed Book H, Page 137 – 138



Know all men my these presents that I, Berry Fuller, resident of Union Parish, State of Louisiana, for and in consideration of the sum of Six hundred and sixty two dollars and fifty cents, paid as follows to wit: five hundred dollars cash in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and one hundred and sixty two dollars and fifty cents in note due the 25th day of December 1857, with eight per cent interest from due until paid. Hath this day bargained, sold and conveyed and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and convey unto Absalom Autrey of the Parish and State aforesaid the following tract of land lying and being situated in the Parish of Union and State aforesaid. Viz: the Southeast quarter of West quarter of Section twenty-two and Southeast quarter Northwest and North half of Southwest quarter of Section twenty-seven, Township twenty north of Range three west; and the Northeast quarter of northwest quarter of Section twentyseven and Township twenty, Range three west. To have and to hold unto the said Absalom Autrey, his heirs and assigns forever and the said Fuller do by these presents bind myself, my heirs and assigns to defend the said land unto the said Autrey, his heirs and assigns forever.

B. Fuller



H. B. Essich

B. F. Dillard

Sworn by one deposes and says that B. Fuller whose name appears to the said Deed, signed and sworn in his presence and in the presence of the other attesting witness, and that all the signatures thereto are genuine. Sworn to and subscribed before me on this the 2nd day of September A.D. 1856

H. B. Essich

William C. Smith, Recorder