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Union Parish, Louisiana Deed Book D, Pages 480 – 481



I, H. Bailey, by and in persurance of the annexed authorization and in virtue thereof as the attorney in fact of Fredrick H. Harrar for and in consideration of the sum of Six hundred and forty dollars to be paid as herein mentioned do hereby on my said capability bargain, sell, transfer and convey unto Absalom Autrey of the said Parish of Union, all the right, title and interest to the following described lands situated in said parish, to wit: the North East H of Section 27, Township 20, Range 3 West and the East of West

Of section 28, Township 20, Range 3 West, together with all the improvements thereon to have and to hold th3e same unto the said Absalom Autrey; his heirs and assigns forever to his and to their only proper uses and benefits and in order to (make) the payment of said purchase money the said Absalom Autrey, has on the date hereby has executed his promissory note for the said sum of Six hundred and forty dollars payable to the said Fredrick H. Farrar or eight per cent annum from date until paid and in order to more effectually secure the payment after said purchase money with the accounting interest thereon the said lands and improvements on land subject to the vendors privilege and specially mortgaged and hypothecate unto the said Frederick H. Farrar his heirs and until the final payment of the note.

In testimony, whereof the said parties have hereunto signed their names in the presence of James h. Carson and Allen Carr, witnesses (and) residents of the Parish of Union and males of age on this 4th day of August 1851.


H. Bailey for F. H. Farrar

A. Autrey


Attest: James H. Carson

Allen Carr

Recorded 27th day of August A.D. 1851

Reuben Ellis, Recorder

Also recorded in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana Deed Book EE, Page 196