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Union Parish, Louisiana Deed Book F, Page 49



Know all men by these presents that I, Paul McEnry, resident of the Parish and State aforesaid, agent and attorney in fact of Fredrick H. Farrar, resident of Points Coupee, State aforesaid, have on this 23rd day of March A.D. 1852, bargained, sold, transferred and delivered and do by these presents bargain, sell, transfer and deliver unto Absalom Autrey, resident of the Parish of Union, State aforesaid present accepting and acknowledging delivery the North East quarter of Section number Twenty Eight in Township number Twenty North of Range number 3 West Containing one hundred and fifty nine acres and fifty hundredths of an acre more or less. To have and to hold the said tract of land unto the said Absalom Autrey, his heirs and assigns forever. This sale is made for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred and thirty nine dollars and twenty five cents cash in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged.

In testimony whereof the parties hereto sign their names in presence of Wesley J. Q. Baker and Francis P. Stubbs, witnesses of lawful age domicilliation in said Parish who also sign their names hereto together with said parties the day and year above written.

Paul McEnry,


Agent & Attorney in fact of

Fredrick H. Farrar

A. Autrey


W. J. Q. Baker

Francis P. Stubbs

State of Louisiana } Personally came and appeared before me, Reuben Ellis, Recorder and Exofficio

Parish of Union } Notary Public, in and for said Parish W.J. Q. Baker, one of the subscribing witnesses to the within and foregoing Deed, who being duly sworn, says that the parties to the within, signed the same in his presence and in that of Francis Stubbs for the purposes therein set for its sworn and subscribed before me on this the 6th day of April A.D. 1852

W.J. Q. Baker

Reuben Ellis, Recorder

A true record May 12, 1852