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MAY 26, 1824 ABSALOM AUTREY 1740 – 1833


St. Clair County, Alabama Deed Record 1823-1832 Book A, Page 27



The State of Alabama}

St. Clair County } Know all men by there presents that Absalom Autrey, of the state and county of aforesaid for and in consideration of the good will and affection which I have and bare to my well beloved children, my three sons: Enoch Autrey, James Autrey and George Autrey have this day give, granted and conveyed and by there presents do give, grant and convey to the said Enoch Autrey, James Autrey, and Goerge Autrey their heirs, Executors and administrators and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land described defined and ascertained in the map of the Survey of this State by the east part of Section number thirteen Township number fourteen Range five containing 152 36/1000 acres lying on the waters of Coosa River in the State and County aforesaid its tenements heriditements and appurtenances to have and to hold to their three heirs and assigns forever and the said tract or parcel of land described defined and ascertained aforesaid do firmly warrant and defend unto my said three sons Enoch, James and George Autrey their heirs and assigns against myself and assigns and all other persons and all other claims or incumberances whatsoever or by whomsoever made as witness my hand and seal this 26th day of May 1824.

Signed Sealed and delivered the day and year above written.


Absalum X Autrey


Test: Andrew P. Earl

John F. Dill

Acknowledged for the purposes herein contained before me this 26th day of May 1824.

Robert Lawson

Judge County Clerk

Recorded the 2nd day July 1824