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Lincoln Parish, Louisiana Deed Book EE, Pages 197 – 198


Know all men by these presents that we, Mrs. Willie Autrey, widow of C. H. Autrey, deceased, Mrs. Bettie McGee, joined and assisted by her husband, J. F. McGee, Mrs. Laura Huffman, joined and aided by her husband, T. R. Huffman, Mrs. Pearl Tubb, joined and aided by her husband, W. D. Tubb, Mrs. Dewey Harris, herein aided and joined by her husband, Alf Harris, Mrs. Delean Broughton, herein joined and aided by her husband H. D. Broughton, Mrs. Jessie Defreese, Tutor to minor Jimmie Autrey, whose husband is _______ Defreese, authorized by a family meeting duly homologated; and Jessie Defreese, whose wife was Hulitt Pruitt, Tutor to minor Harold Defreese, authorized by a family meeting duly homologated, being the only heirs of C. H. Autrey, Deceased, have this day bargained, sold, transferred and delivered and do by these presents bargain, sell, transfer and deliver unto T. R. Huffman, the following described tract of land situated in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, to wit:

NW quarter of NW quarter, NE quarter of the NW quarter, NW quarter of NE quarter – Section 33; SE quarter of SW quarter, SW quarter of SE quarter, W half of E half of SE quarter, E half of NE quarter, E three-fourths of SW quarter of NE quarter, N half of NW quarter NE quarter – Section 28; S half of SW quarter of SE quarter, SW quarter of SE quarter and East 25 acres of NE quarter of SE quarter – Section 21; all in Township 20 N, Range 3 West, containing four hundred and fifty five acres more or less, together with all the improvements situated thereon and thereto belonging; the consideration for which this sale and transfer is made is the sum and price of then thousand dollars, paid and to be paid as follows, the sum of three thousand dollars each, paid and to be paid as follows, the sum of three thousand dollars each, with eight per cent annum interest on each note from December 30, 917 until paid, and each due on December 30th, 1918, and bearing date of this deed, and signed by T. R Huffman and made payable to the Vendors herein or bearer, and providing for ten per cent for Attorneys fees if said notes are placed in the hands of an attorney for collection. It is specially agreed that the vendors lien and privilege is retained on said land until all of said notes are paid. This deed is made with full warranty of title, Thus done and signed on this the 10th day of January, 1918. The interest on these notes is payable annually.

Attest: J. M. Wade

C. Fraiser

Mrs. Willie Farley Mrs. Delene Broughton

Mrs. Bettie McGee H. D. Broughton

J. F. McGee Miss Jessie Defreese, Tutrix

Mrs. Laura Huffman Jess Defreese, Tutor

T. R. Huffman Mrs. Pearl Tubb

Mrs. Dewey Harris T. R. Huffman

Alf Harris

Before me the undersigned legal authority personally appeared, Clyde Frasier who after being sworn deposes and says that he and J. W. Wade were the witnesses to the within land trade, saw all parties sign same for the considerations therein expressed. So help me God, this January 10, 1918.

C. Frasier

Sworn to and subscribed to before me, this January 10, 1918.

John M. Wade

Notary Public

A true record this 26th day of January, A.D. 1918