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I have the following original marriage certificates. If you are

interested in a copy, please contact me directly.

1. William J. Autrey to Miro Morrow in Union Parish, La. 12-27-1883

2. W.A. Autrey to Mary Alexander Mar. 6, 1907 Bowie Co., Tx.

3. C. F. Autrey - Margarette Mustain (Copy of original) Bowie Co. Tx.

4. C.F. Autrey to minnie Dickerson April 14, 1904 Bowie Co. Tx.

5. Chester Autrey to Louise Lomax Dec. 19, 1911 Bowie Co. Tx.

6. W. T. Murphy to Clara Autrey Sept. 4, 1926 Bowie Co. Tx.

7. J. A. Autrey to Rosa Ellen Hoforth May 7, 1911 Bowie Co. Tx.

8. Felix Burris to Laura Autrey Jan. 29, 1915 Columbia Co. Ar.

9. Robert Waldrum to lizzie Autrey Bowie Co. Tx.

10. W. W. Autrey to nettie Brunson Aug.27, 1899 VanZandt Co. Tx.

11. William Autrey to Emma Cocann (?) Oct 25, 1886, Fannin Co., Tx.