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Lincoln Parish, Louisiana Deed Book U, Pages 548 & 443

Know all men by these presents, that I, C. H. Autrey, a resident of the aforesaid parish, have this day sold and delivered to Laura Alice Autrey, wife of Russell Huffman, also of said residence the following described lot of land. To Wit: Southeast quarter of Northwest quarter and north half of the northeast quarter of Southwest quarter and ten acres extending entirely across West side of Southwest quarter of Northeast quarter of Section 28, Township 20, Range 3 West containing 70 acres more or less. The consideration for which this sale is made is payment in full for the said Laura Alice Autrey’s pat of both personal and real, of her mother’s estate. The receipt of which I hereby acknowledge. And I hereby warrant the title to said land.

C. H. Autrey


(C. H. Autrey deeded 70 acres of land t his son, James Robert Autrey on 5 September 1898 as his part of his mother’s estate. Deed Book R, Page 37).


We the undersigned do hereby certify that we have received from C. H. Autrey in full our interest in the estate of Mary Jane Autrey, deceased. $140.00 _______ each.


L. G. Barnett J. R. Autrey

J. R. Walker T. R. Huffman

R. P. Tubb Laura Huffman

R. P. Tubb J. F. McGee

Bettie McGee

W. C. Tubb

F. M. Tubb

A true record this January 22, 1906.

Attest: J. M. Sims

C.D.C. & Ex-Officio Recorded